Prediction of bacterial secreted proteins
Bacterial protein secretion is the key virulence mechanism of symbiotic and pathogenic bacteria. Thereby effector proteins are transported from the bacterial cytosol into the extracellular medium or directly into the eukaryotic host cell.
The Effective portal provides precalculated predictions on bacterial effectors in all publicly available pathogenic and symbiontic genomes as well as the possibility for the user to predict effectors in own protein sequence data.

Effector prediction in bacterial protein-sequences:

1. Provide query protein-sequence(s):

Input protein sequence(s) in multi-fasta format:


Upload a file in multi-fasta format:

2. Configure SignalP prediction:

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3. Configure EffectiveT3 prediction:

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Select a classification module:

Choose cut-off setting:  
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4. Configure identification of eukaryotic-like domains:

Perform identification of eukaryotic-like domains

Define the minimal domain score (min. 4; to be reached in at least one pathogen genome): 
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2011-05-25: Effective
Update of genome repository and re-calculation of eukaryotic domains.

Current status:
Effective release:
1.0.1 (2009/08/26)
EffectiveT3 classification modules release:
1.0.1 (2009/08/26)